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What does the functional location category determine? (Choose two)

A.    Whether a fixed asset from Asset Accounting can be assigned
B.    Whether you can create linear data for a functional location
C.    The partner determination procedure
D.    The functional location class

Answer: BC

Your customer plans a plant shutdown and wants to use the Maintenance Event Builder to plan revisions and create maintenance orders automatically.
What must you do in Customizing?

A.    Define field values for PM/PS Reference Element
B.    Define transfer of project or investment program
C.    Create a revision type and select WPS-Controlled.
D.    Create a revision type and select Not WPS-Controlled.

Answer: C

When a user creates a notification or an order and enters a functional location as the reference object, you want the system to suggest the subordinate equipment automatically.
In addition to setting the reference object view in the order or the notification, what other settings must you make? (Choose two)

A.    Set View Profiles for Technical Objects in Customizing.
B.    Set the Single Installation indicator in the equipment master data record.
C.    Set the Single Installation indicator in the Functional Location master data record.
D.    Set the Equipment-Installation Allowed indicator in the Functional Location master data record.

Answer: CD

Your customer executes deadline monitoring (transaction IP30).
What happens after you insert additional call dates using the manual call function?

A.    The system restarts the maintenance plan.
B.    The system retains the normal scheduled call dates.
C.    The system fixes the next scheduled call date.
D.    The system reschedules all previous scheduled call dates.

Answer: B

Your customer wants to settle costs of the refurbishment process to an inventory account.
What Customizing does the process require? (Choose two)

A.    Special control keys for use in refurbishment operations
B.    A specific order type for refurbishment processing
C.    A specific settlement profile for the purpose of refurbishment
D.    A specific notification type for refurbishment processing

Answer: BC

Your customer wants the system to generate a serial number and an equipment master upon goods receipt of a material.
Which Customizing steps are required?

A.    Create a serial number profile and assign it to an equipment master.
B.    Create a serial number profile and assign it to a serializing procedure.
C.    Create a serial number profile and assign it to a view profile for technical objects.
D.    Create a serializing procedure and assign it to an equipment master.

Answer: B

Which steps must you perform to activate the usage history for equipment? (Choose two)

A.    Activate the usage history for the equipment category.
B.    Set the Usage History indicator for the maintenance plant.
C.    Define history-related fields for the relevant equipment reference category.
D.    Activate the usage history for each piece of equipment in the master record.

Answer: AC

Where do you define initial and subsequent buffers for the maintenance plan strategy?

A.    In the maintenance item
B.    In the maintenance plan category settings
C.    In the maintenance package for the maintenance strategy
D.    In the maintenance plan scheduling parameters

Answer: C

Your customer wants to create a component for maintenance that does not allow physical inventory.
Which material type must you use?

A.    Spare parts (ERSA)
B.    Maintenance assembly (IBAU)
C.    Non-valuated materials (UNBW)
D.    Operating supplies (HIBE)

Answer: B

In a refurbishment order for external processing, where can you find information about the defective part after the goods issue has been posted?

A.    In special stock type R (refurbishment stock), after the return from the service company and a goods receipt posting
B.    In special stock type B (batch) after the return from the service company and a goods receipt posting
C.    In special stock type F (customer order stock)
D.    In special stock type O (parts provided to vendor)

Answer: D

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