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What happens by default when you approve a purchase requisition in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012?

A.    A planned purchase order is created.
B.    A purchase order is created and posted.
C.    A purchase order is created for further processing.
D.    The status of a purchase requisition changes to Completed.

Answer: C

While performing which of the following tasks can you manually assign serial numbers to products in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    Posting an invoice on a sales order.
B.    Creating or updating the item in the Product masters form.
C.    Registering the receipt of the product in the item arrival journal.
D.    Registering the item on either the sales order line or purchase order line.

Answer: DC

When the Serial number control check box is selected on a products assigned tracking dimension group in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, which of the following statements is true?

A.    Serial numbers assigned to products must be unique.
B.    Serial numbers cannot be manually assigned to products.
C.    Serial numbers must be assigned during all receipt and issue transactions for the product.
D.    The manufacturing date must be entered when assigning serial numbers to products.

Answer: A

You need to configure Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to assign automatic batch numbers only when a packing slip or picking list registration is posted. Which setting should you select on the Number groups form?

A.    Inventory activation
B.    On physical update
C.    Only for inventory transactions
D.    Per qty

Answer: B

When performing a product trace in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, which setting on the Trace inventory dimensions form allows you to trace a serial number or batch number to see where the products have been used?

A.    Backward
B.    Forward
C.    Date Check
D.    Warehouse

Answer: B

You create a new product change case for an item.
You need to add associations to the product change case.
Which types of associations can you add to the product change case?

A.    Only bills of materials (BOMs) and routes
B.    All association types
C.    Only bills of materials (BOMs) and formulas
D.    Only formulas and items

Answer: D

Your company adds a 20 percent markup to all items.
You need to ensure that users receive a warning message if an attempt to discount the price of an item results in less than a 15 percent markup of the item.
What should you configure?

A.    Price details
B.    Margin alerts
C.    Price control
D.    Internal control

Answer: A

You need to identify what information is available in the Composed of-tree form from a sales order line.
What should you identify?

A.    The sales price of each order line for the bill of materials (BOM) Items on the sales order lineB.The sales price of each bill of materials (BOM) component for the item on the sales order line
B.    The details of the bill of materials (BOM) components for the item on the sales order line O0-E. The details of the configuration route and operations for the item on the sales order line

Answer: A

You need to set up a trade agreement for a group of customers.
The trade agreement will apply to one item.
How should you configure the price discount journal for Account code and Item code?

A.    Set Account code to Table and set Item code to Group.
B.    Set Account code to Group and set Item code to Table
C.    Set Account code to Group and set Item code to All
D.    Set Account code to Table and set Item code to Table

Answer: D

You need to create a purchase agreement between your company and a supplier.
The agreement will give you a 10 percent discount automatically on an item, after you purchase $10,000 US dollars’ worth of that Item during a 12 month period.
Which Default commitment type should you use?

A.    Product quantity commitment
B.    Value commitment
C.    Product value commitment
D.    Product category value commitment

Answer: A

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