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An access policy that uses URL reputation values is defined.
Which option best describes what happens if a reputation is not available for a URL?

A.    The URL check is not triggered, and the default policy action is applied.
B.    The URL check fails, and the traffic is dropped.
C.    The URL check is unknown, and the traffic is quarantined.
D.    The URL check is not triggered and, by default, the user is prompted to take an action to permit or deny.

Answer: A

Detection of an exploit kit that is installed on a device is an example of which IoC event category?

A.    security intelligence
B.    IPS
C.    malware
D.    firewall

Answer: B

A file-type embedded attack is an example of which IoC event category?

A.    security intelligence
B.    IPS
C.    malware
D.    firewall

Answer: C

Which Cisco SFR feature license is needed to allow a high school security administration to implement a policy to allow student access to only high-reputation websites?

A.    AVC
B.    Botnet Traffic Filtering
C.    URL
E.    AMP

Answer: C

Which Cisco Fire POWER services license must the administrator have to detect and monitor the unauthorized command-and-control network traffic?

A.    AVC
B.    WSE
C.    CWS
D.    AMP

Answer: D

Which two Cisco ASA licensing features are correct with Cisco ASA Software Version 8.3 and later? (Choose two.)

A.    Identical licenses are not required on the primary and secondary Cisco ASA appliance.
B.    Cisco ASA appliances configured as failover pairs disregard the time-based activation keys.
C.    Time-based licenses are stackable in duration but not in capacity.
D.    A time-based license completely overrides the permanent license, ignoring all permanently licensed features until the time-based license is uninstalled.

Answer: AC

Which Cisco ASA CLI command is used to enable HTTPS (Cisco ASDM) access from any inside host on the subnet?

A.    http inside
B.    http inside
C.    http inside
D.    http

Answer: C

Which four unicast or multicast routing protocols are supported by the Cisco ASA appliance? (Choose four.)

A.    RIP (v1 and v2)
B.    OSPF
C.    IS-IS
D.    BGP
F.    Bidirectional PIM
H.    PIM dense mode

Answer: ABEF

Refer to the exhibit. Which Cisco ASA CLI commands configure these static routes in the Cisco ASA routing table?


A.    route dmz
route dmz
B.    route dmz 1
route dmz 1
C.    route dmz
route dmz 2
D.    route dmz
route dmz
E.    route dmz 1
route dmz 1
F.    route dmz
route dmz 2

Answer: F

On the Cisco ASA, tcp-map can be applied to a traffic class using which MPF CLI configuration command?

A.    inspect
B.    sysopt connection
C.    tcp-options
D.    parameters
E.    set connection advanced-options

Answer: E

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