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What allows for STP to be disabled yet support a loop-free topology even on link or switch failure?

A.    LACP
B.    OTV
C.    vPC
D.    vPC+
E.    FabricPath

Answer: E

Which three options are examples of NHRP? (Choose three.)

A.    OSPF
B.    HSRP
C.    VRRP
D.    GLBP
E.    OCSP
G.    MPLS

Answer: BCD

Which document is the least relevant as an output deliverable from the design phase?

A.    high-level design
B.    site requirements specification
C.    configurations
D.    migration plan

Answer: C

Which access-layer device is capable of low-latency 40 Gb Ethernet switching?

A.    Cisco Nexus 5596UP
B.    Cisco Nexus 4000
C.    Cisco Nexus 3016
D.    Cisco Nexus 2232
E.    Cisco Nexus 2248

Answer: C

Which two options are reasons to use IP routing to segment a data center instead of Layer 2 routing? (Choose two.)

A.    Spanning Tree Protocol
B.    simplify design
C.    broadcast flooding
D.    ease of routing protocol configuration
E.    cost

Answer: AC

Which two options are benefits when you implement server virtualization in your data center? (Choose two.)

A.    No additional operating system license is required.
B.    Cost effectiveness is improved.
C.    This is a data center virtualization trend.
D.    Power consumption is reduced.
E.    Configuration of routing protocol is simplified.

Answer: BD

Which data center management tool provides performance and capacity monitoring and trending for SAN and LAN infrastructure?

A.    Cisco UCS Manager
B.    Cisco NAM
C.    Cisco NetFlow
D.    Cisco DCNM

Answer: D

Which data center monitoring tool can collect and display per port Layer 2 statistics?

A.    Cisco DCNM
B.    Cisco NAM
C.    Cisco NetFlow
D.    Cisco UCS Manager

Answer: B

Which statement about FCoE is true?

A.    FCoE is not supported on any Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extenders.
B.    Not a single FCoE VLAN can map to multiple VSANs.
C.    Inter-switch FCoE links can be configured to carry multiple VSANs.
D.    FCoE does not support NPV/NPIV mode.

Answer: C

Which Cisco management tool provides centralized device and security policy management for Cisco VSG for Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switches?

A.    Cisco UCS Manager
B.    Cisco NAM
C.    Cisco VNMC
D.    Cisco DCNM

Answer: C

Which two options are benefits of using Cisco UCS Unified Uplinks? (Choose two.)

A.    ability to use virtual port channels
B.    optimal use of bandwidth
C.    fewer packets drops
D.    consistent optics in Fabric Interconnects
E.    no storage license required on the Fabric Interconnects
F.    longer distances possible

Answer: BD

You have designed a Cisco UCS Solution, and each Cisco UCS 6248UP Fabric Interconnect has these connections:

– 4 x Cisco UCS Chassis each with 4 x 10 Gb links per Fabric
– 4 x 10 Gb Unified Port Channel to the upstream Nexus switch

How many additional Fabric Interconnect port licenses are required?

A.    16
B.    0
C.    20
D.    4
E.    40

Answer: A

Which option describes how a port is configured as a unified uplink when using Cisco UCS Manager?

A.    configured as an FCoE uplink port
B.    configured as an uplink port, then as an FCoE uplink port
C.    configured as an FC uplink port, then as an uplink port
D.    configured as an FCoE storage port
E.    configured as an uplink port, then as an FC uplink port

Answer: B

You are designing a Cisco UCS Solution that uses Cisco VIC 1280 Mezzanine Adapters. Which design decision helps prevent potential bottlenecks in the system?

A.    Configure a NIC team, and use per VM load balancing in vCenter.
B.    Use the VIC 1280 in combination with the 2208XP IO Module.
C.    Ensure all links between the Cisco Fabric Interconnect and IO Module are configured as a port channel.
D.    Utilize all links between the Cisco Fabric Interconnect and IO Module.
E.    Configure the vNIC for an MTU of 9000.

Answer: C

The client’s data center manager has requested the physical weights of the equipment in your Cisco UCS design along with the power and cooling requirements. Where in cisco.com can you find this information?

A.    the product datasheets
B.    the Cisco UCS power calculator
C.    the Cisco UCS GUI Configuration Guide
D.    the Cisco UCS Hardware Installation Guide
E.    the Hardware and Software Interoperability Matrix Utility Tool

Answer: B

A client has five Cisco UCS domains and is looking for the most efficient method in which to manage them. Which solution best suits this need?

A.    Cisco UCS Director
B.    Data Center Network Manager
C.    Cisco Prime Infrastructure
D.    Cisco UCS Central
E.    Cisco Prime Network Services Controller

Answer: D

Which two business requirements have the most influence on the data center design? (Choose two.)

A.    reduce power consumption
B.    increase network bandwidth
C.    increase storage capacity
D.    increase cooling requirement
E.    reduce virtual machine to host ratio
F.    reduce data center footprint (floorspace)

Answer: AE

Your Cisco UCS design contains this hardware:

– 2 x 6248UP Fabric Interconnects
– 1 x 5108 Chassis containing a pair of 2204XP IO Modules
– 8 x B200M3 blades, each with a VIC 1240 and no mezzanine adapter

What is the maximum available bandwidth per fabric for each server?

A.    10 Gb
B.    20 Gb
C.    40 Gb
D.    80 Gb
E.    160 Gb

Answer: A

Which four options are important points within the Cisco UCS design? (Choose four.)

A.    preferred MAC address format
B.    preferred guest operating systems
C.    DNS configuration
D.    preferred WWPN format
E.    service profile naming conventions
F.    preferred backup strategy
G.    Cisco IMC IP addressing range
H.    ESX host IP addressing

Answer: ADEG

Which command does a mainframe use for all subsequent logins for either virtual machines or logical partitions, after the initial connection and login process?

A.    F-Port login process
B.    N-Port ID Virtualization
C.    FDISC login commands
D.    Fibre Channel IDs

Answer: C

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