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A small public sector organization needs helps planning the architectural design of its AEM system. The reorganization’s few staff members resist learning new technologies.
What is the most important factor for the architect to consider while planning the system design?

A.    Performance
B.    Usability
C.    High Availability

D.    Extensibility
E.    Low Maintenance

Answer: D

A software company plans to display the real-time price of its stock on its employee intranet.
The stock quote is provided by a third-party vendor.
Which two factors are most relevant to the solution design for this capability? (Choose two.)

A.    The name of the vendor providing the stock quote
B.    The ticket symbol of the company
C.    The payload format in which the stock price is returned from the vendor
D.    The authentication requirements imposed by the vendor
E.    The rate limits imposed by the vendor

Answer: BC

Which three tasks can business users perform using AEM OOTB functionality/components/plugins? (Choose three.)

A.    Provide ratings for a particular page
B.    Present and sort order status client side
C.    Customize content using Twitter profile data
D.    Display a list of completed workflow items

Answer: ABD

A digital publisher is migrating to AEM. The primary goal is to provide a more user-friendly page authoring interface. The current content management system has been built in house by staff developers, runs on a top of a MySql database, and uses forms for content editing.
Discovery meetings are being held with the business owners and content authors.
What is the most significant and relevant conceptual change from the current CMS?

A.    AEM uses a hierarchy-based repository.
B.    AEM does NOT use a relational database.
C.    AEM allows authors to drag-and-drop components to build pages.
D.    AEM is written in Java.

Answer: C

A packaged goods company is migrating its current site to AEM. The company has a presence in the US, but is expanding into two other countries within 12 months of launch on AEM.
During which two tasks should the architect consider this expansion goal? (Choose two.)

A.    Site hierarchy definition
B.    Component development
C.    Workflow implementation
D.    Content migration

Answer: BC

An architect is helping a multi-national news company design its project and determine requirements. The functionality requires several external feeds to display breaking news and live scores for major sporting events.
What is the most important factor for the architect to consider when meeting the performance requirements?

A.    The authentication requirements from each feed
B.    The number of JCR nodes each feed item requires
C.    The import frequency of the feed
D.    The payload type in which the feeds are returned

Answer: C

A financial institution is identified as a business user. AEM/Campaigns/Segmentation rules must be based on the traits/data provided from the back end of the system.
Which two types of information must be captured in the discovery session? (Choose two.)

A.    Whether any traits are combined to establish a segment
B.    Format in which segmentation traits are retrieved
C.    Keys/values for segmentation traits
D.    How back end service is integrated to retrieve customer data

Answer: BD

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