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View the exhibit and examine the structure of the PRODUCTS table.


The PRODUCTS table contains 20 rows.
In the data that has been entered, the PROD_ID column contains only single digit values, PROD_NAMKhas a maximum of 5 characters, and RATE has 4 digit values for all rows.
Which two statements are true regarding the modifications that can be performed to the structure of the PRODUCTS table? (Choose two.)

A.    PROD_NAME size can be reduced from 10 to 5 characters.
B.    PROD_IP can be changed from CHAR to NUMBER data type.
C.    Now columns can be added only if they have NOT NULL constraint.
D.    PROD_RATE size can be changed from NUMBER (4) to NUMBER (6, 2).
E.    None of the existing columns can be dropped because they contain data.

Answer: AD

Your database instance is running. A user, SCOTT, starts a SQL*Plus session, and issues the following query;

FROM sales:

Which process would retrieve the result from the database and return it to the client program?

A.    user process
B.    server process
C.    System Monitor (SMON)
D.    Process Monitor (PMON)
E.    Checkpoint process (CKPT)

Answer: A

Which two statements are true regarding Oracle Net? (Choose two.)

A.    It must reside only on the client for traditional client/server applications.
B.    It must reside only on the database server for web-based applications.
C.    It must reside on both the web server and database server for web-based applications.
D.    It must reside on both the client and database server for traditional client/server applications.

Answer: CD

You have some operatingsystem scripts on one server that need to run in response to certain changes in data in your Oracle Database.
The mostefficient way to implement this with Oracle Database 11g would be:

A.    Write a PL/SQL routine that connects to the remote server and calls the script.
B.    Create a script on the database server to perform the remote action and thatscript from adatabase trigger.
C.    Modify the script on the remote server to periodically chock for these data change in your Oracle database.
D.    Install an Oracle Scheduler Agent on the remote server and create job to be called from Oracle scheduler in response to a database server event.

Answer: D

View the exhibit. You are creating a database by using Database Configuration Assistant (DHCIA). You have chosen the File System option as the storage mechanism.
What would be the result of choosing this option?


A.    Disk mirroring and striping would be done automatically.
B.    The database files would be managed by the operating system’s file system.
C.    DBCA would not save the database files by using Optimal File Architecture (OFA).
D.    The data files are automatically spread across all available storage devices to optimize performance and resource utilization.

Answer: B

View the exhibit. You plan to load the customer information that has been brought from a non Oracle database in the CUSTOMERS table in your database using the “Enterprise Manager Load Data From User File” option.
Which files should you create before using this option?


A.    only data file
B.    data file and log file
C.    data file and dump file
D.    data file and control file

Answer: D

Which two statements are true regarding the use of SQL in Oracle database? (Choose two)

A.    SQL is used to control access to the database and its objects.
B.    SQL can handle the creation of variables to store temporary values in a session.
C.    SQL allows a user to specify where the data is physically stored on the storage device.
D.    SQL is used to manipulate the data in binary file large objects (LOBs) that are stored outside the database.
E.    All SQL statements automatically use the optimizing that is available as part of Oracle database to determine the most efficient means of accessing data.

Answer: AE

You issue the following command as a DBA:


What would be the outcome of the above command?

A.    It causes the instance to abort.
B.    It waits for all sessions to disconnect.
C.    It rolls back the current transactions and disconnects a/I sessions.
D.    It waits for the current transaction in each session to complete before disconnecting the sessions.

Answer: B

Enterprise Manager beacons are a feature of which 11g management pack?

A.    Provisioning and Patch Automation
B.    Database Diagnostics
C.    Configuration Management
D.    Real User Experience Insight

Answer: C

What is needed to establish monitoring of SSL-encrypted HTTP traffic?

A.    Monitoring of SSL traffic is not supported by RUEI.
B.    Installation of an SSL decryption card is required in the RUEI server.
C.    A copy of the SSL key and certificate need to be uploaded to RUEI.
D.    RUEI should negotiate a private SSL key/certificate pair with each Web server.

Answer: C

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