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For which two entities does Microsoft Dynamics CRM create a default queue when the entity is created?(Choose TWO)

A.    Opportunities

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You add an option set to the Contact form and the Active Contacts system view.
You plan to replace the option set with a manual many-to-many (N:N) relationship.
Which three actions should you perform before deleting the option set from the Contact entity? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

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A contractor is creating custom reports in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM database.
You need to prevent unnecessary access to sensitive account data.
Which security role should you assign to the contractor?

A.    Global Administrator
B.    Delegate
C.    System Administrator
D.    System Customizer

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You are creating a custom entity.
What metadata is added by default to the entity?

A.    business rules
B.    announcements
C.    charts
D.    fields

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Which action can you perform by using a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution?

A.    Back up a database.
B.    Compile source code and protect intellectual property.
C.    Move customizations from one database to another database.
D.    Add new users to a database.

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When auditing is enabled, which statement about field auditing is true?

A.    Field auditing properties can be set for only one field at a time.
B.    Auditing can be turned on or off for a field at any time.
C.    Auditing can be turned on for a custom field only while creating the field.
D.    Field-level audit properties can be used to create exceptions for an entity that is not enabled for auditing.

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