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How many ISL ports are required between the cluster interconnect switches when using Cisco switches?

A.    2
B.    4
C.    6
D.    8
E.    None; No ISLs are required

Answer: D

How many ISL ports are required between the cluster interconnect switches when using CN1610 switches?

A.    2
B.    4
C.    6
D.    8
E.    None; No ISLs are required

Answer: B

Which are predefined roles for cluster administrators in clustered ONTAP 8.2? (choose all that apply)

A.    admin
B.    read only
C.    vsadmin
D.    vsadmin-backup
E.    vsadmin-readonly
F.    backup
G.    vsadmin-autosupport
H.    none

Answer: ABH

Clustered ONTAP 8.2 supports which quota types? (choose all that apply)

A.    User
B.    Volume
C.    Group
D.    Tree
E.    None; clustered ONTAP doesn’t support quotas.

Answer: ABCD

FlexCache volumes in clustered ONTAP 8.2 __________.

A.    Are fully provisioned
B.    Can have Snapshot copies
C.    Can be moved
D.    Are sparsely-populated volumes

Answer: D

In which shell can administrators natively run Data ONTAP 7-Mode commands?

A.    nodeshell
B.    systemshell
C.    clustershell
D.    adminshell

Answer: A

What is the command to start recording the current CLI session into a file?

A.    system cli record
B.    system script record
C.    system script start
D.    system record start

Answer: C

The system image show command output lists the value of “true or false” under the “Is Current” column. The image marked “true” indicates the image:

A.    Is currently booted
B.    Is the latest version
C.    Will used after a reboot
D.    Has just been downloaded

Answer: A

Which statements are true regarding backup vaults in clustered ONTAP 8.2? (choose all that apply)

A.    Data can only be restored to a qtree.
B.    Backup vaults are at either a volume or qtree level.
C.    Data can be restored to either the source volume or a new volume on the same or different clusters
D.    Backup vaults are at the volume level only.
E.    Compatible with 7-mode SnapVault.

Answer: CD

By default how many management ports are there per node?

A.    One
B.    Two
C.    Three
D.    Four

Answer: A

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